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The replacement of 20 sand filters is almost halfway complete at the Mt Crosby East Bank Water Treatment Plant, an Ipswich facility that is crucial to the operation of the SEQ Water Grid, providing more than half of Brisbane and Ipswich’s daily water supply.

The filtration upgrade will significantly improve the plant’s ability to maintain water supply during extreme rain events and flooding, and will further improve the water supply security of the region.

Replacement of the plant’s 20 filters will be completed in five stages. The first year of construction has been completed on time, and nine refurbished filters have successfully returned to service.

Taking filters offline has resulted in reduced production at East Bank, so Seqwater has been using the SEQ Water Grid and other treatment plants across the region to supplement drinking water supply during the project.

The upgrade work will allow the plant to more efficiently treat water with high levels of turbidity or sediment, which can result from extreme rainfall events across the Wivenhoe catchment washing soil and debris into the creeks and waterways.

This project marks the first time the sand filters have been replaced since they were progressively installed over 20 years from 1948. The new filters are expected to be in use until about 2070. 

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