Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) has commenced its 2015/16 irrigation season.

Supply to customers on the Sturt Canal began on 3 August, and supply to Main Canal customers began on Monday 10 August.

MI Operations diverted supplementary water from the river to fill the major channel network and where possible, has begun supply to customers.

While the demand for irrigation water is currently low due to rainfall, MI is hoping that further increases to general security (GS) annual allocations will be made by DPI Water in the coming weeks. This will assist irrigators to plan their water requirements for the new irrigation season.

Over the last few weeks, the MI supply system has been closed to allow critical maintenance and modernisation works to be carried out.

MI Acting Chief Executive Officer, Matt Thorpe, thanked all customers for their cooperation during the winter works period.

“With the commencement of the irrigation season, we look forward to working together again with our customers in what we hope is a prosperous season for everyone,” said Mr Thorpe.

Customers are encouraged to give as much notice as possible when placing their water orders. MI will commence the filling of some laterals once orders are placed, so there may be minor delays in the commencement of water delivery services to some parts of the system in an effort to minimise water losses.

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