It’s not every day that Victorians get the opportunity to name a Gippsland heifer, but Southern Rural Water is looking for new names to celebrate National Cow Appreciation Day.  

National Cow Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the second Tuesday in July. National Cow Appreciation Day recognises all that is splendid about steers, and also marks the start of Southern Rural Water’s Name the Cow Campaign. Southern Rural Water hopes this campaign will provide a personal touch to its work. 

Southern Rural Water Manager Water Supply Matt Cook said the campaign is a light-hearted initiative to give rural communities a laugh and another reason to be proud of the ‘girls’ who make Gippsland great.  

“Some may think Southern Rural Water is pulling the udder one but we’re serious when it comes to investing in Gippsland’s farming community,” Mr Cook said.  

“Over 20 years, we’ve invested $190 million modernising the district’s irrigation infrastructure to make it more efficient for farmers to produce milk and secure the region’s thriving agricultural economy.”  

Southern Rural Water is encouraging anyone who appreciates the work dairy farmers do putting milk on Victorian’s tables every day to embrace the fun and get involved.   

“Anyone in Victoria can take part in the game that requires people to submit their suggested cow name and the reason behind it online at:,” Mr Cook said.  

“Local heroes, famous family members, sporting legends, regional trailblazers, community icons; we want people to get creative and tell us why their cow’s name needs to be at the top of the podium.” 

Eligible entrants need to submit their entry before midnight on Friday 26 July, with the winning entry to be announced mid-August.  

Mr Cook said the lucky entrant’s winning name will be given to one of local dairy farmer James Clyne’s cows to test research that suggests cows with names produce more milk. 

“James Clyne is one of the many farmers in Macalister Irrigation District whose businesses have benefitted from Southern Rural Water’s long-term investment in the region.”  

Southern Rural Water will work with Mr Clyne to track the winning cow’s performance over 12 months and report on the results on National Cow Appreciation Day in 2024. 

Entries to the competition can go to Southern Rural Water’s website for more information. 

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