The Marong Region in Victoria now has a new 3ML concrete tank and booster pump station, with the long-awaited project creating a future of consistent water pressure for the town.

Coliban Water Executive General Manager Climate and Population Adaptation, Steve Healy, said, “We want to thank the Marong community, which has been patient in waiting for improvements to water pressure and we’re delighted to have delivered the project in time for this summer.

“There has been huge growth in these communities to the west of Bendigo and more expected in the coming years, and it’s crucial we’re putting in the infrastructure now to support this area into the future.

“This project not only delivers more reliability in the network but improves pressure for our customers.”

Contractor Simpson Construction started work on the new tank in May 2021, along with new pipelines to the town, which have also now been completed.

Further work will begin in 2022 to construct additional large-diameter water pipelines between Bendigo and Marong to provide further water security to the area.

“The new tank and booster pump station are designed to improve efficiency and create a more robust network in Marong over the long term,” Mr Healy said.

The new concrete tank has also been selected because of its high resilience to bushfire.

“To supply water for our communities to live, grow and enjoy, we need a secure supply and good water pressure, and that’s what this tank project allows us to provide,” Mr Healy said. 

Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards, said, “It’s absolutely crucial we are looking at the trends of movement and preparing our communities with the infrastructure they need for the future.

“This tank and it’s pipework are an integral way we can future-proof our region and ensure we’re ready for our growing population.”

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