Seven state-of-the-art vehicles with new Combined Aerial Pump Appliances have been supplied to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) as part of a $17.5 million investment to boost operational capability.

Fire and Emergency Services Minister, Craig Crawford, said the new Combined Aerial Pump Appliances (CAPAs) formed part of the largest procurement of aerial vehicles QFES had carried out in a single process.

“This procurement highlights our ongoing investment in new vehicles to ensure firefighters can respond to Queensland’s changing needs with modern technology,” Mr Crawford said.

“While previous vehicles have served firefighters well, early feedback for the CAPAs has been extremely positive and will no doubt be an invaluable addition to Queensland.

“CAPAs have in excess of 4000L/min pumping capability and the manoeuvrability of a standard Type 3 Urban Pumper, and will fulfil multiple roles within the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) fleet.

“With a 32m ladder and rescue basket, the CAPAs will also enhance the FRS aerial capability which is crucial considering the increase in medium-density high-rise residential buildings in Queensland.

“Three Hydraulic Platform Aerial Appliances will also be delivered later this year, supporting firefighters to reach even greater heights of up to 42m using a hydraulic boom.”

QFES Commissioner, Greg Leach, said the CAPAs were a step-up from the Telescopic Aerial Appliances (TAPs) currently in use.

“QFES needed functional capability and these vehicles met our requirements best and will replace the aging TAPs,” Mr Leach said.

“The manufacturer, Rosenbauer, has pushed the engineering envelope and done a tremendous job meeting FRS’ functional requirements.

“It will take less than 90 seconds from the time our crews arrive on scene at a job until they are in the basket 32m in the air.

“In addition to firefighting and aerial rescue, these vehicles will support technical rescues, chemical and hazardous incidents and road crash rescue.

“These vehicles will be headed for Toowoomba, Gladstone, Mackay, Surfers Paradise, Wishart, Chermside and Kemp Place Fire and Rescue Stations.

“Comprehensive training will be carried out by a dedicated Aerial Coordinator, with personnel then returning to their respective regions to pass on their knowledge.”

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