TasWater has appointed a new board member, effective 20 September 2019.

Chief Owners Representative of TasWater, Mayor Doug Chipman, announced that experienced water utility manager and operator Kevin Young will take up  the position on the board left vacant by the retirement of former Chairman, Miles Hampton, and the appointment of an existing director, Dr Stephen Gumley AO, to the Chairman’s role.

Mr Young comes to TasWater following a career spanning 40 years in the water and sewerage industry, and brings a wealth of expertise in the management and operation of water utilities. 

Mr Young has recently resigned from his eight-year position as Managing Director of Sydney Water effective 31 July, having previously held the same role for seven years with Hunter Water (NSW).

Mr Young has maintained a keen interest in TasWater since the reform of Tasmania’s Water and Sewerage Industry in 2009.

Mr Chipman said Mr Young would bring a great deal of expertise to the TasWater Board and offer valuable insights into Sydney Water’s experience in addressing the challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s water utilities generally and into the specific strategic issues that lie ahead for TasWater.

An engineer by training, Mr Young’s technical skills will also assist TasWater progress its ten-year capital plan to ensure its infrastructure development performs to modern standards, protects the health of its community and environment, and helps build the skills necessary for a long-term sustainable water and sewerage sector in Tasmania.

“His commitment to excellence in customer service and innovation also aligns well with the priorities of TasWater,” Mr Chipman said.

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