Gorman-Rupp has announced the release of a new range of centrifugal end suction pumps through Australian distributor, Hydro Innovations. Called the 6500 Series, the range contains six solids handling models and three effluent pump models.

The range has been designed to have a very low lifecycle cost and minimal service requirements, making them ideal for delivering an excellent ROI. The Smart Scroll® volute allows installers to position the discharge in any one of eight positions, which increases flexibility in pump installation to help reduce installation costs.

Pumps are fitted with SiC/SiC oil lubricated seals, with separate oil chambers for seal and bearing oil and separate sight glasses so that operators can tell at a glance that oil levels and clarity are right in each chamber. The chambers are also separated by an atmospheric vent that keeps water pressure away from the bearings if a mechanical seal fails. Oversized bearings and alloy steel shafts (with options for stainless steel) add to the reliability, as does the double volutes designed into the higher head models.

Solids handling models have minimum 76mm spherical solids handling capability, flow rates from
20 litres per second (LPS) through to 900 LPS, and heads to 120 metres. They also have a side access (clean-out) port for easy access to pump interiors for inspection and blockage removal, while pusher bolt capability assists in the removal of the suction flange. Effluent models range in flow from 20 LPS through to 350 LPS, with heads to 155 metres.

For more information on these pumps, contact Hydro Innovations on
02 9898 1800 or by emailing

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