MO 103 Qubik effluent irrigation

A high efficiency dairy effluent pump from NOV Mono has delivered significant benefits to an agricultural irrigation project in New Zealand. The MonoTM progressing cavity pump has helped increase irrigation efficiency at a farm in Te Awamutu, on the country’s North Island.

After evaluating the options available to him, the customer chose a MonoTM pump on the basis of its high-quality construction, its proven record in the agricultural market, and its ability to deliver consistently reliable performance. New Zealand contractor Qubik Ltd installed the 15kW pumpset at the farm. This gives the customer the flexibility use whatever irrigator nozzle is required at any stage, while ensuring that the MonoTM pump will deliver the required flow, regardless of what discharge pressure is needed. The pump’s capacity and delivery is such that the customer can also irrigate the crops quickly and efficiently, without the risk of over-application.

The pump is used to draw effluent from settling ponds and deliver it to irrigation equipment. The effluent passes through a large stone trap filter and two settlement ponds before arriving at a third pond, from where it is extracted by the pump. The third pond is also fed spring water, resulting in water which is sufficiently clean for irrigation purposes.

Mono’sTM dairy effluent pumping solutions can also create significant cost savings by eliminating the need for a series of pumps when pumping over long distances or at a high head. Along with the pump’s significantly lower power requirements when compared to other pumps used for these types of application, this reduces electricity operating costs and can also remove the need for a power supply upgrade which might otherwise be necessary.

This surface–mounted pump is easy, quick and safe to dismantle and clean on-site, while its low running speeds help reduce wear and extend both the maintenance intervals and the overall working life. Designed to meet the specific demands of effluent applications, this pump can be used for a wide range of agricultural sludge handling duties, and can be specified to satisfy a full range of pressure requirements.


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