The world’s largest manufacturer of submersible pumps, Tsurumi Manufacturing Company, has the capacity to build over 1.4 million pumps a year. The company, constantly looking to improve efficiency and drive down costs, has recently expanded and consolidated production of its range of single phase pumps to a single manufacturing facility.

The new factory site covers 6,620m2 and is capable of building over 400,000 units annually. The company’s investment in state-of-the-art equipment and streamlining of production methods means the four main production lines can produce over 1,600 pumps in a single day.

“I was lucky enough to visit the new plant last month and was so impressed with the organisation and automation of this world class facility,” said Australian Pump’s Hamish Lorenz. “Tsurumi run a vast automated component storage system which is controlled by a single employee. It maximises efficiency which means huge cost savings for distributors and end users.”

The partnership between Australian Pump and Tsurumi brings Australian consumers top quality product, backed by first class aftermarket support right throughout the territory. Tsurumi Pump was founded in Osaka in 1924. Most of the company’s manufacturing is carried out in a plant in Kyoto in Japan, where the most advanced Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) systems are used. This roboticised operation can build over one million pumps a year.

Tsurumi’s commitment to quality and value for money has made them world leaders in pump markets, ranging from construction through to wastewater management.

The single phase submersible range include residue dewatering pumps that pump down to the last millimetre, standard and automatic dewatering subs, together with a range of sewage and effluent handling pumps.

Australian Pump has been quick to pass on the savings generated by improved efficiency. Since taking on the Australian distribution of the Tsurumi product, prices on the single phase range have been reduced by over 40 per cent.

“Tsurumi understands that competition in the lower end of the submersible pump market is immense. Cheap third world pumps are flooding into our country, but the quality often leaves consumers disappointed and inconvenienced. Tsurumi offer a three-year warranty on their submersibles and customers are intelligent enough to understand that there’s more to value than price alone,” said Mr Lorenz.

Australian Pump operates from a two-and-a-half acre head office complex in Sydney’s Norwest industrial area. The company is a rising star in pump manufacturing and distribution in Australia, with a heavy emphasis on servicing the mining, construction and heavy industrial markets.

“Our own in-house manufacturing operation, building engine drive pumps and pressure cleaners, is only small in comparison. Nevertheless, there are a number of simple ideas I’ve brought back that will help us benefit from Tsurumi’s expertise. We are learning production techniques from one of the best in the business,” said Mr Lorenz.


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