Winnow Group is pleased to announce the availability of the new and unique Hydro-Spin screen and disc filters to irrigators in Australia and New Zealand.

Incorporating a patented filter inlet system, Hydro-Spin is an innovative design that has taken manual-cleaning irrigation filters to a new level. This design creates a continuous and rapid circular motion of water within the filter housing. The resulting hydro-cyclone effect, and a turbulent cross-flow current over the filter element surface, work together to substantially increase the operating time interval between filter services.

Sediment particles are kept in suspension and gradually migrate to the bottom of the filter housing. This means they can be flushed by opening the manual drain valve, without having to depressurise or shut the system down.

The Hydro-Spin technology is available with selected screen and disc filters in the Winnow™ Plasline series, which can handle flow rates between 5m³/h and 70m³/h. Hydro-Spin filters are available with 1½”, 2”, and 3” BSP connections, and have a filtration range between 85 and 400 microns.

The growing demand for greater water efficiency in the irrigation sector means more efficient and effective filtration has never been more important.

Hydro-Spin filters are ideal for use with drip or spray irrigation. Over the last five years, they have been tested across an extensive range of irrigation and industrial applications in Europe and the Middle East, and have proved themselves a better filter choice for irrigator productivity.

For further information, please contact a consultant at Winnow Group on phone: 1300 134 812, or email: [email protected].

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