Following a nationwide recruitment process, the Chair of Icon Water has announced the appointment of a new Managing Director.

Wendy Caird, Chair of the Icon Water Board, has confirmed the appointment of Ray Hezkial to the position.

“Mr Hezkial has extensive experience in the water industry and has been an Icon Water employee since 2003,” said Ms Caird.

“He brings a wealth of operational experience to the Managing Director role, having been responsible for managing Icon Water’s capital works program and the operation and maintenance of the ACT’s water and sewerage systems.

“Mr Hezkial is no stranger to tackling the big jobs, having been the Project Manager for the Enlarged Cotter Dam, one of the ACT’s biggest infrastructure projects.”

Mr Hezkial has been acting Managing Director since October 2018, and has already brought his own distinct style to the role. He is a strong believer in a collaborative and innovative workplace culture, increasing the focus on operations, refining Icon Water’s executive structure, and finalising a number of key appointments.

“Mr Hezkial puts the focus firmly on improving efficiency and delivering value to customers and the ACT region community,” said Ms Caird.

“Icon Water’s customers expect a strong focus on affordability, outstanding service and water quality.

“Mr Hezkial’s leadership will be a key factor in delivering all three to the community.”

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