An image of Brothers Leagues Club Manager David Orr, Justine Elliot MP, Janelle Saffin MP, Mayor Chris Cherry and Brothers Board Member Glenn Weaver at the announcement of construction on a new pump station

Tweed Shire Council has announced that construction has begun on a new stormwater pump station, aimed at improving flood mitigation in Murwillumbah.

As part of the project, two new pumps will be installed, which will be standing at approximately two metres tall, and will be able to move almost 1,000L of stormwater per second at full speed.

The $1.626 million project is being undertaken by Tweed Shire Council in partnership with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the Reconstruction Authority (RA) and the New South Wales Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW).

The new pump station, to be located behind the levee at Murwillumbah (Brothers) Leagues Club, is one of several projects being delivered as part of the Northern Rivers Recovery and Resilience Program (NRRRP).

The Federal Government-funded NRRRP provides $150 million to deliver flood mitigation and resilience projects across the Northern Rivers region which was affected by flooding in February and March 2022.

The aim of the NRRRP is to drive long-term resilience and ensure communities are better equipped to withstand and recover from future disasters.

Work started in early May and is expected to be complete in July 2024, weather permitting. 

Under the NRRRP, $6.67 million has been awarded for several other projects supported by an additional $2 million from the RA.

These projects are:

  • Wharf Street pump station upgrade
  • Lavender Creek pump station upgrade
  • New pump system within east Murwillumbah levee
  • Detailed evacuation procedures
  • Alma Street modification
  • Earthworks across Lot 4 on Quarry Road and modification of Condong Creek

During construction, the levee wall and dirt track behind Brothers Leagues Club is expected to be closed to the public, with site fencing erected around the construction area for safety purposes.

The park gate at the end of Murwillumbah Street is expected to be used to transport equipment such as excavators, pipes and trucks to the construction site occasionally, with Murwillumbah Street to also serve as a temporary haulage route for occasionally bringing materials in and out of the construction site.

Federal Member for Richmond, Justine Elliot, said, “This project is an excellent example of how government funding can support communities in undertaking necessary steps to improve flood protection following the devastating 2022 flood events.

“The NRRRP is delivering real projects in the Tweed area which are local priorities and will ensure communities like Murwillumbah are in a better position to recover from future severe weather events.

“I am very pleased to see construction is now underway with funding support from the NRRRP on this vital stormwater pump, which will boost flood resilience.

“The Albanese Government is committed to helping the Northern Rivers on the road to recovery and ensure we are all better prepared for future events.”

Parliamentary Secretary of Disaster Recovery, Janelle Saffin, said, “This will make a big difference to the lives and livelihoods of people living and working in Murwillumbah.

“It represents real action on mitigation measures, so communities are better prepared and able to recover from the devastating impacts of floods.”

Mayor of Tweed Shire, Chris Cherry, said, “This stormwater pump station is a vital component of council’s flood mitigation strategy for Murwillumbah and aims to reduce the impact of stormwater flooding in the area.”

Ms Cherry said that the pump station will not eliminate all flooding, but it will reduce the frequency and magnitude of nuisance flooding due to storm events. 

“While we can’t stop flooding from occurring, the pumps will significantly improve drainage of the area following a rain event, helping to reduce the impact of flooding on local residents and Brothers Leagues Club in the future.

“Thanks to the generous support of NEMA, NSW RA and DCCEEW, this project represents a significant step towards strengthening our community’s resilience to flooding.”

Murwillumbah Leagues Club Chairman, Clint O’Keefe, said, “Flooding has long been a problem for us at Murwillumbah (Brothers) Leagues Club and we are excited to see work start on building this new pump station.

“Brothers is such an intrinsic part of the fabric of Murwillumbah life – not only on match days but also as a centre for social gatherings – and this pump station means we will be able to get back to normal operations a lot quicker after a big rain event.”

Featured image: (L-R) Brothers Leagues Club Manager, David Orr, Federal Member for Richmond, Justine Elliot, Parliamentary Secretary of Disaster Recovery, Janelle Saffin, Mayor of Tweed Shire, Chris Cherry and Brothers Board Member, Glenn Weaver at the announcement of construction commencing on the new pump station. Image credit: Tweed Shire Council.

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