Land approvals for irrigated agriculture developments will be simplified under the Western Australian Government’s new information pathway package, which is part of the $40 million Water for Food program.

WA Regional Development and Lands Minister Terry Redman released the Land Tenure Pathway for Irrigated Agriculture (LTPIA) package, designed to stimulate economic development and investment in intensive irrigated agriculture projects across Western Australia.

Mr Redman said, “The package and a website will be important tools for pastoralists and investors seeking to obtain a more secure tenure for irrigated agricultural development.

“This package provides pastoralists and third party investors with a clear pathway to change the tenure to a long-term lease or potentially freehold, which will provide more security to develop irrigated agricultural projects.

“The package has been developed in consultation with relevant government agencies, and from feedback obtained through the Mowanjum and Gogo Stations Water for Food pilot case studies.”

WA Water Minister Mia Davies said it was great to see the high level of interest in irrigated agriculture generated through the Water for Food program and having a clear process for land tenure was essential if Western Australia was to capitalise on those opportunities.

The Department of Lands will also be presenting a series of workshops on the LTPIA in regional WA, commencing in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions from September 2016.

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