A new 32km Haughton pipeline announced for Townsville, Queensland, will include expanding the Haughton irrigation channel to a power station needed to pump the water to the Ross Dam.

Townsville Water and Waste Chairman Councillor, Paul Jacob, said the council staff have been working very closely with the Department of Energy and Water Supply to deliver this vital project, and the plan will be finalised by the end of September 2017.

“This project isn’t just laying a pipeline, it involves a lot of moving parts from expanding the Haughton irrigation channel to a power station needed to pump the water to the Ross Dam,” Ms Jacob said.

“When the 1.8m diameter pipe is finished, it will be more than 32km long and deliver up to 234 megalitres of water per day, which is more than our city uses on its hottest day without water restrictions.”

Townsville Mayor, Jenny Hill, said the council had been doing the necessary groundwork over the past few years so work could begin as soon as the funding is released.

“We’re ready to roll with this project because of the preparations the council has done in the last few years so we could build when the right solution and funding was secured,” Ms Hill said.

“The work I put in to get water security as the top priority in the City Deal, the recommendations of the water taskforce and the State Government funding have all helped get this project ready for construction.

“Council has been purchasing land parcels that will serve as easements for the pipeline from the Haughton Channel to the Ross Dam.

“We always knew that a bigger pipeline would be needed at some point as a water security measure.

“This pipeline will get water and jobs flowing into the city with our strong commitment to give as much of the work as possible to local businesses.”

Townsville City Council will be holding an industry forum to provide local businesses with assistance and information in how to be part of the project.

“We want local businesses in on the action and if that means joining forces with another business to get the contract, council will be able to assist with this,” Ms Hill said.

“This has been a long time coming and I’d like to thank the State Government for the $225 million for the pipeline as well as those who worked on the City Deal that made water security a priority for Townsville.”

If recommended, the pipeline plan report will proceed for approval at the Full Council meeting on 26 September 2017.

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