Bundaberg Regional Council in Queensland intends to construct a backup pipeline to the Kalkie Water Treatment Plant to mitigate the potential effects of disruption to the existing open channel system. The current supply services around 11,000 coastal residents in the coastal communities between Burnett Heads and Elliot Heads.

“In the event of this supply being disrupted it would cause a major distribution inconvenience to our coastal customers,” said Cr Alan Bush, the council’s water and wastewater portfolio spokesperson.

“Council is currently preparing for the construction of a second pipeline that will be located between the underground water supplied Mellifont Street Pump Station and the Kalkie Water Treatment Plant.”

“This pipeline, which will cost $2 million and be four kilometres in length, will be funded over two years. Pipes for the first stage of construction which runs from the Kalkie plant along FE Walker Street are being delivered onsite this month with work expected to start in January.”

“The new pipeline will provide major quality benefits in addition to securing water for customers currently supplied from the Kalkie plant and distributed via the Hummock Reservoir,” Cr Bush said.

“There have been complaints from coastal residents regarding the hardness of the water from the Kalkie plant. The new pipeline will provide a cocktail of water from two sources – the river and underground – resulting in an improved product for customers.”

Cr Bush said the initial 2.8 kilometres of pipe laying work, to be undertaken by council staff, was expected to take 20 weeks and have minimal impact on local residents in the construction area.

“The remaining 1.2 kilometres of pipe would be laid in the 2015/16 financial year.”

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