Hunter Water has installed a new $2.1M, 2 kilometre water pipeline to service the southern areas of Cessnock, NSW.

This replaces the failure-prone existing pipe that ran through Pelton Colliery to improve reliability for residents.

A recent break in the pipe within the colliery which left over 1000 customers without water lead Hunter Water to fast track the project and move the pipe outside of the colliery grounds to improve maintenance access in the future.

Hunter Water Chief Operating Officer Darren Cleary said the pipeline was the only source of water for residents in Paxton, Millfield, Ellalong, Kitchener and Abernathy, which meant its replacement was a priority.

“Hunter Water has worked to ensure this project will be completed early so as residents in the southern townships of Cessnock can have a more reliable water supply for 2014,” he said.

“The new pipe laid outside of the colliery will mean less breaks and shorter repair times if breaks do occur.

“This will mean residents can look forward to a reduced threat of water outages.

“This project is part of Hunter Water’s record 6 year, $68 million investment into Cessnock’s water and sewer network,” Mr Cleary said.

The pipeline will transport water from a pumping station at Bellbird to a network of pipes supplying Cessnock’s south.

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