Hunter Water is working to install new pipelines from the Campvale water pumping station to Grahamstown Dam in New South Wales.

The Campvale Culvert was constructed in the 1960’s to transfer stormwater from the Campvale Canal into Grahamstown Dam.

The culvert is now approaching the “end of its functional life” and needs to be replaced.

“Hunter Water is undertaking a project to decommission the existing culvert and construct new assets to maintain functionality,” the company explained on the project information page on its website.

“Two new pipelines will be constructed from Campvale pump station to Grahamstown Dam which will replace the existing culvert.

“The driver for this project is to ensure the ongoing safety of the dam. This project is not part of any potential future plan related to changing the volume of water pumped from Campvale Canal into Grahamstown Dam or addressing any concern about water quality in Campvale Canal.”

New pipelines are being installed across Grahamstown Road, which is constructed on the dam wall.

Hunter Water said the road and cycleway closure was necessary to maintain the dam wall’s watertight seal.

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