Pressure tanks by Global Water Solutions

For over 10 years Global Water Solutions (GWS) has been a market leader in the supply of pressure tanks. GWS products have distribution in more than 100 countries worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand.

White International has always been the preferred distribution partner of GWS’s market leading products.

GWS offers a comprehensive range of pressure vessels for heating, thermal, pressure booster, water hammer, reverse osmosis and water well applications.

GWS unique product offerings include both its patented CAD2 diaphragm tanks, as well as its line of single diaphragm tanks with a patented water connection. Now a series with a replaceable, tiered membrane design is also available. All GWS products undergo a series of tests to insure excellent quality.

Recently, GWS released the All-Weather Pressure Tank exclusively with White International. The tank is constructed with a high grade steel encased in a rugged polypropylene outer shell.

The patented PLASTEEL shell creates an impenetrable protective layer that shields against the harsh elements. Wind, rain, sleet or sun is no match for the

All-Weather Pressure Tank, making it the perfect solution for marine and mining applications, as well as in harsh environmental conditions.

With the highest quality and all major global approvals, the GWS All-Weather Pressure Tank represents a great innovation in pressure tank technology.

GWS sees the market for pressure tanks continuing to grow, with many new and innovative technologies. Such tanks are not only designed to provide constant pressure on traditional pressure systems, but when configured and sized correctly, GWS pressure vessels can provide seamless water supply without starting the pump repeatedly. This reduces the start draw required by the motor, saving energy and money for the end user. To support this effort, GWS has provided a range of pressure tanks labelled as energy saving devices which can be selected using their innovative “Pressure Tank Calculator” app for iPad, iPhone and iPad.

The first application of its kind, the GWS app is a helpful tool for sizing pressure tanks and contains a number of features to help users choose the right pressure tank for their system as well as calculate tank drawdown volumes.

Distributed by White International Pty Ltd

Phone 02 9783 6000 or 1300 783 601

Zenit pumps for all your wastewater solutions

The Zenit Group, established at the end of the 1950s, ranks among the top international names in the design and manufacture of water treatment technologies.

Its core business is the design and manufacture of submersible electric pumps for both domestic and industrial use.

Applying the knowledge and experience it has acquired over the years, Zenit has also created a comprehensive range of oxygenating and mixing products designed to meet the most demanding of applications.

Built on a strong foundation and solid tradition, dynamism and a desire for innovation, the Zenit brand continues to see steady growth, while allowing its origins and objectives to remain un-obscured.

Distributed exclusively in Australia by White International, the Zenit brand has become locally renowned for high quality submersible pumps ranging from 0.3kW to 16.0kW and carrying the highest certification levels available in each category.

These include the IECEX Zone2, ATEX and now IE3 standards on our newly available Uniqa range with sizes up to 160kW.

The basis for Zenit’s continued growth in Australia has been the introduction of the IECEX Zone 2 approved range of Blue and Blue Professional submersible storm water and waste water pumps. Now these are also exclusively available fitted with IECEX approved float switches, ensuring that even the smallest facility can utilize an electrically safe product with competitive pricing.

To complete the range available in Australia, White International is pleased to announce the availability of the Uniqa range. This range was developed over recent years by Zenit to provide an alternate offering for heavy-duty professional applications such as use in civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants, lifting sewage, pumping industrial sludges and rainwater containing solids, and recycling raw or activated sludges and biological liquids.

Uniqa represents a product range with unparalleled efficiency, designed to take into account the total life cycle cost of the product with an understanding that in developed countries, the energy costs involved in water supply are generally the second highest item on municipal balance sheets. This makes it vital to ensure that water systems are as efficient as possible by minimizing waste energy usage and utilizing only IE3 standard hydraulic and motor design techniques.

Distributed by White International Pty Ltd

Phone 02 9783 6000 or 1300 783 601 (pumps) or

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