Bundaberg Regional Council (QLD) has announced the upgrade of a raw water pump station and the installation of a new pipeline as part of a $1.5 million project to improve water supply infrastructure in the South-East Queensland town of Gin Gin.

Bundaberg Regional Council Divisional Representative Wayne Honor said the $150,000 upgrade of the existing pump station and the additional pipeline would increase the flow of water from Gin Gin Creek to the treatment plant.

“One of the major benefits of this work is the flood immunity it provides given that if the pump station fails or is flooded the additional source of gravity fed water is still available to the treatment plant.

“Residents will also appreciate the improved taste of the water supplied following the installation of a powder activated carbon facility at the treatment plant,” Mr Honor said.

Bundaberg Regional Council Water and Wastewater portfolio spokesman, Jason Bartels, said through these works, the council was addressing the issues of taste and certainty of supply.

“Originally, the Sunwater raw water supply and the Gin Gin Creek fed supply shared the same pipeline from the creek to the Gin Gin Water Treatment Plant.

“The current work has resulted in an additional gravity fed pipeline being installed from the creek to the plant which now allows for a dedicated pipe from each source of supply.”

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