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Barwon Water will now be able to access more water from the Victorian water grid after the completion of a new pump station connected to the Melbourne to Geelong pipeline at Lovely Banks.

Water Minister, Lisa Neville, officially switched on the pumps on Friday 29 November 2019.

The new pump station extends the effective reach of the 59km Melbourne to Geelong pipeline, allowing Barwon Water to access its full water entitlement from Melbourne.

The pipeline is now connected to a further 28,000 homes and businesses in Belmont, Highton, Fyansford, Bell Post Hill, Manifold Heights, Hamlyn Heights Herne Hill, plus parts of Batesford, Newtown and Geelong West.

Barwon Water said that 55,000 of its 136,000 Geelong-connected properties now receive water from this source in its supply network.

The water is supplied from Barwon Water’s bulk entitlement in the ‘Greater Yarra System – Thomson River Pool’ of up to 16GL a year; about half the city’s typical annual demand.

Since being turned on in April 2019, the pipeline has delivered more than four billion litres of water and helped lift greater Geelong’s storage levels.

Barwon Water said there will be no additional cost to customers as a result of having access to the full allocation of the pipeline.

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