The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) has released revised editions of their key product and material information documents, WSA 402 and WSA 403 

This is important news for pump specifiers in Australia, as these documents provide critical guidance on selecting and installing pumps within gravity sewerage and water supply networks. 

WSA 402 and WSA 403 offer comprehensive information on products and materials used throughout gravity sewerage and water supply systems. By referencing these documents, pump specifiers can ensure their pump selections are aligned with the latest industry best practices as outlined in the Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia (WSA 02-2014) and the Water Supply Code of Australia (WSA 03-2011).  

WSA 402 and WSA 403 draw upon relevant Australian Standards (AS) published by Standards Australia. These standards provide in-depth specifications for various engineering and construction materials. For pump specifiers, some particularly relevant standards include AS/NZS 1469:2018, AS/NZS 2535.1:2018, and AS/NZS 4151.1:2008. 

For the most up-to-date information, pump specifiers are encouraged to consult the WSAA website or contact the WSAA directly. By staying informed about the latest WSAA guidance and relevant Australian Standards, pump specifiers can ensure they are selecting and installing pumps that meet the specific demands of gravity sewerage and water supply networks in Australia. This not only contributes to optimal system performance but also fosters long-term reliability and efficiency. 

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