Irrigation Australia (IAL) has produced a set of Rural Irrigation System Design Standards and Codes of Practice for the rural irrigation industry in Australia.

IAL was able to produce these standards after receiving funding from the Queensland Government, through the Department Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM).

While the new standards were produced specifically for the Queensland rural sector, IAL is aiming for them to be applied and tested across Australia, with the goal to become the national rural irrigation standards.

The processes described in these standards are also intended to be applied to agricultural irrigation systems.

The standards describe a general design methodology and highlight elements that must be considered when planning, designing, and implementing a new irrigation development.

The standards also intend to provide important information to anyone involved in the design, installation and commissioning of new irrigation systems. This includes irrigation designers and consultants, equipment resellers, installation contractors; and may also assist Irrigators, engineers, equipment suppliers, councils and local government bodies.

Read the Rural Irrigation System Design Standards and Codes of Practice here.

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