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The City of Yarra has announced the development of a new stormwater harvesting system, including a pump station, to supply a local park with sustainable water.

The stormwater harvesting system will be developed in Carlton North, supplying Curtain Square with an alternative water source.

The City of Yarra said this will ensure a sustainable and long-term health of this green space for the local community.

The project includes the building of an underground storage tank, treatment system and pump station which will distribute water to Curtain Square. 

The implementation of the stormwater harvesting system will also mitigate and reduce flood risks to the local area.

This initiative supports the environmental and climate objectives outlined in the City of Yarra’s Council Plan 2021-2025 through sustainable consumption and preservation of its natural resources.

The project is supported by the Victorian Government’s Integrated Water Management Program. 

Works are scheduled to commence mid-2023.

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