Winnow Duraline Series Filters have taken efficient filtration to a new level with a specially developed series of filters for agricultural and industrial filtration.

Winnow™ Duraline Series Filters have a rugged stainless steel constructed filter that incorporates Winnow’s new ‘twin brush’ filter cleaning system.

‘Twin brush’ filter cleaning systems create a faster and more efficient filter cleaning process, requiring less mechanical rotations to clean the filter – therefore reducing the time it takes to carry out a cleaning process – saving water usage during cleaning, and reducing wear and tear on the brushes.

Winnow Duraline Series Filters are available in three configurations to suit a variety of installations, including flanged or threaded connections ranging from
2 to 14 inches. Custom connections and configurations are also available to suit the client’s application.

14 inch models can take flow rates just under one megalitre per hour, providing a very cost effective solution in many high volume applications.

Winnow Duraline Series Filters are available in both automatic and semi-automatic versions – making them an ideal filter solution to prevent nozzle and emitter blockages in centre pivot and lateral move irrigation systems, drip and micro-spray irrigation, wastewater and water reuse applications.

For a free brochure or quote, contact the Winnow Group on 1300 134 812, email or

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