Works are about to commence on the North Hughenden sewerage system in North Western Queensland.

According to the Flinders Council, the scope of works will see the decommissioning of existing septic tanks and the construction of a new gravity reticulation network designed to collect sewage and pump it under the Flinders River to the South Hughenden Sewerage Network at pump station No 2 where it will then be pumped to the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

The work is being carried out by NQ Excavations Pty Ltd . The STP is being upgraded under a separate contract by Aquatec Maxcon and is also due to commence soon.

The sewerage mains will be constructed initially while the associated house connections will be undertaken so as to be completed by mid-2014. (Once the new sewage treatment plant has been commissioned)

Sewerage mains have been designed on the basis of being located on the footpath or at the rear of properties. Two crossings of the Hann Highway are required, during which time traffic will be diverted via Dalrymple Road. In order to minimise depth of gravity sewers, cost and disturbance, the design incorporates seven low pressure pump stations that collect sewage and pump to the adjacent main.

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