TECO Electric and Machinery is a market leader, well known for producing high-quality motors. Unsatisfied with producing only motors, TECO committed to the manufacture of motor drives over 20 years ago. In 2016, the company launched the TECO MV510 range of medium and high voltage drives that showcases its manufacturing prowess.

TECO moved from investor-supplier to owner-supplier when it acquired Westinghouse Motor Company in 1995, which strengthened its core business, increased competition and solidified its global brand leadership.

Since then, it has successfully diversified into a conglomerate with worldwide business operations covering five continents, and has become the one of world’s largest manufacturer of industrial motors.

TECO drives and motors are used in a variety of applications including industrial automation, industrial machinery, air conditioning systems, mining, oil and gas, energy-saving projects, pipelines, and wastewater treatment.

Meeting international standards

The MV510 range of drives is in compliance with global specifications for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The comprehensive portfolio ranges from 200–8,000kW, boasts power-unit connection overlapped-wave technology, and is capable of lowering damage to the insulated stress of a motors copper wire dv/dt and providing timely monitoring of operational status.

Options of IP31 and IP42 grade protections are available, plus RS485 interface, various communications formats – such as Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, and Ethernet – and passage of CE and IEC certifications.

The power supply input and output of MV510 general medium voltage drive meet the most stringent IEEE 519-1992 and GB/T14549-1993 standards, so there is no need for an independent input filter, saving customers the cost for harmonic elimination.

Because of the high power factor of the system, the compensation device for power factor is not needed, thus the reactive input and the input capacity are reduced, and the cost for capacity increasing the power network is minimised.

A cut above the rest

Compared with other high voltage and high power MVDs, the MV510 has a number of significant advantages. Firstly, there is no need for extra output filtering devices or direct driving of the general high voltage synchronous or asynchronous motor, and the temperature of the motor will not increase.

There is also no need for motor derating operation, and no dv/dt damage will occur to the motor and cable insulation.

Due to the modular design of the power cell, it is quite simple to replace it and moreover, only a few spare parts are necessary. The power cells are universal and can be used in drives of the same current rating, regardless of voltage class.

Other functions and features include:

  • Protection of overload and overcurrent
  • Protection of open phase and grounding
  • Protection of overvoltage
  • Overheat protection
  • Current limited function
  • Interlock protection of control power supply
  • Two sets of control power for redundancy power cell bypass function (optional)
  • Motor Bypass System (optional)
  • Frozen-charge
  • Cabinet door opening alarm function
  • Lock-phase function
  • Synchronising switch function between variable frequency and work frequency
  • Soft start of motors, no impact to mechanical equipment and network
  • IoT – Internet of Things

With units already being sold, the TECO MV510 range of drives is making a significant contribution to the motor and drive market.

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