NOV Mono has been named as the winner of the ‘Best Innovation – Product, Process, Service & Technology’ category, at the recent Alan Richards Business Awards.

Alan Richards was a prominent businessman in the Frankston area of Victoria, and the awards mark the contribution he made to the local business community by recognising excellence in a local business.

The award recognises the general performance of the NOV Mono business, and in particular the company’s InviziQ™ Pressure Sewer System (PSS).

“I’m delighted that we’ve been given this honour,” said Andrew Bini, Mono’s Business Development Manager for Pressure Sewer Systems.

“Over the past 50 years, Mono has developed strong relationships with customers in many different sectors, such as wastewater, oil and gas, irrigation, and food production, so we’ve certainly made a contribution to the business environment that Alan Richards help to create.”

“To receive the award for our InviziQ PSS is doubly pleasing. We designed InviziQ as a superior replacement for conventional gravity-fed domestic sewer networks, and this award reflects the growing popularity that InviziQ is enjoying.”

The unique InviziQ system provides reliable and controllable reticulation of sewage from the household to the treatment plant, and also eliminates many traditional problems such as leakage and unpleasant odours. It is the only system of its type that is designed, manufactured, and sold in Australia and globally, and which holds Water Service Association of Australian (WSAA) certification. All other systems offered in Australia are imported and do not hold this certification.

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