Upper Hunter Shire Council has voted to halt the progression of the construction tender for the Cassilis Sewer system update, due to a funding shortfall.

The project is estimated to cost $4.227 million and includes sewer reticulation, pressure sewer system, pump station, rising main, irrigation system plus contingency.

The Restart NSW Program has committed $1.22 million to the project with the Upper Hunter Shire Council to contribute $1.47 million.

However, there is a funding shortfall of $2.017 million.

Upper Hunter Shire Council will continue to actively pursue funding options and in the meantime will have the project shovel-ready.

Upper Hunter Shire Mayor, Maurice Collison, said, “The Council is committed to providing reliable and safe water supplies to each of our communities.

“We will continue to explore options, including extra funding, but will complete the detailed design.

“Once we have the detailed design, we will have the greatest level of confidence and detail in the cost estimation to apply to other funding bodies.”

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