PIA Life Member, Robert J “Bob” Moore sadly passed away on 5 November aged 88.

Bob was involved in the founding of the PIA then (APMA) in the 1960s and served as President of APMA 1975/76 and Chairman of the BPMA 1986/87.

Bob first became involved with pumps in 1956, and throughout his career, worked for a number of leading Australian pump manufacturers including Kelly and Lewis and FN Bethune (now owned by Clyde Industries).

His passion for pumps led him overseas, working as Managing Director for Mather and Platt’s Machinery Group based in Manchester UK. Later, he became Managing Director of Britain’s second largest pump company, SPP Group.

Bob’s extensive career reflects his passion and dedication to the pump industry both in Australia and abroad, and has inspired many of us with his skill and expertise.   

He will be sadly missed.

A full obituary for Robert Moore will be published in the February edition of Pump Industry.


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