Börger rotary lobe pumps have conveyed highly viscous, chemically aggressive media or media containing solids for more than 30 years. The pumps can be used as stationary, mobile or submerged versions due to the compact design.

At the heart of the ONIXline pump are the rotors. They were developed by using the most advanced flow simulation technology.

The special geometry of the rotors with exactly calculated windings ensures gentle, practically pulsation-free pumping with maximised efficiency.

In order to fully benefit from the advantages of the new rotors, Börger has adapted the pump casing to the rotors with optimal flow properties.

A very robust carrier and timing gear makes sure that the clearance between the rotors and the pump casing is very small.

When combining this with the precise rotors in a flow-optimised pump casing, excellent efficiency is achieved even with high pressures.

Different sealing systems can be used due to the large sealing area and the porting integrated in the pump casing for a sealing circulation system.

The application options of Börger rotary lobe pumps have also expanded with the ONIXline pump. With the BLUEline and ONIXline pump, Börger offers its customers 25 pump sizes with flow rates between one and 1,500 m3/h, and a pressure stability of up to 16 bar.

Using a modular principle, all components of the rotary lobe pump are individually selected for each purpose of the pump.

All Börger pump units can be manufactured according to the European ATEX guidelines (94/9/EG) intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition, an API 676 compliant design is possible.

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