Water Corporation (WC) is currently upgrading Onslow’s (WA) water supply services in order to meet the town’s predicted growth rate. Currently, the town’s drinking water is being supplied by the Cane River Borefield, located approximately 30km south-east of the town.

Almost 14km of water main was constructed to transfer additional water from four bores at the Cane River borefields. Construction has commenced on additional mains, a pump station, and two ground level storage tanks, which will secure supplies and increase water pressure to the town. This work is expected to be complete in May 2015. Together, these projects will cater for an additional 200 new services in town.

As part of the Wheatstone State Government Agreement, Chevron will build a new two million litre per day desalination plant to provide Onslow’s long term water supply needs. When complete, the desalination plant will be handed to WC for ongoing operation.

WC is working with Chevron and the State Government to assist with planning for the desalination plant, and to ensure it meets its ongoing operational needs. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2015, with commissioning and handover to WC expected from mid-2016.

Additionally, WC intends to double the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant by 2016. The upgrade will include the construction of new infiltration ponds to increase the disposal capacity, and the construction of a new, more efficient wastewater treatment facility.

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