The Ichthys LNG project is looking for a subcontractor for the repairs, maintenance and servicing of Internal Sewage Pump Stations.

The Subcontractor will be required to conduct quarterly cleaning and servicing, as required by industry/manufacturers standards but as a minimum will include full operational onsite testing of all sewage pump stations that sit inside the fence (internal). At this stage there is one (1) small sewage pump station on the site servicing the security gate house that requires servicing.

The Subcontractor may be required to provide repairs, maintenance and servicing of Internal Sewage Pump Stations on a reactive and unplanned basis as directed by ESS Larrakia from time to time.

Where required, ESS Larrakia will make available to the Subcontractor, potable water, power and ablutions facilities as required to perform the Services at the Client site only. The Subcontractor will be responsible for the removal of all waste generated from its maintenance and repair activities.

Applications close on July 3, 2013

For more information see here.

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