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With energy efficiency and lifecycle costs key concerns for end users, it is more important than ever to purchase a high-quality pump from an experienced manufacturer that meets the exact specifications of an application. Selecting a manufacturer who focuses on innovation, quality and exceptional customer service ensures the best pump for your application will be supplied and that it will be built to last, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Pioneer Pump has over 140 years of combined experience in the pump industry. Its founding principle to make pumps better ensures customers get extreme performance while using less energy, giving them the best lifetime value.

Since opening its operations in Australia in 2013, Pioneer Pump has established itself as a main player in the industry, with a focus on quality products, innovation and exceptional value and customer service.

Customers can rest assured that the team at Pioneer Pump will help them select and supply a pump that matches the needs of their unique application and that it will perform its duty as expected.

Experience to meet your pumping needs

There are many considerations when selecting a pump and how closely it meets your unique operational specifications will determine its energy efficiency and lifecycle costs. Working with a manufacturer with experienced engineers on staff ensures you will be recommended the best solution.

Pioneer Pump prides itself on its extensive knowledge, experience and innovation; whether it’s sales, building, repairing, testing or supplying pumps. It has the know-how to ensure customers’ needs are met.

The sales team is on hand to provide friendly, knowledgeable service solutions, while its design engineers specialise in designing and supplying products that meet customers’ specific requirements, ensuring best energy efficiency and low lifecycle costs can be realised.

From the time Pioneer Pump sits down with you to determine the best pump for your application until it delivers a pumpset that exactly meets those needs, the company infuses quality and innovation into every step.

The design engineers have the latest engineering software for the design and supply of General Assembly and Certified drawings in various types of pump builds. This gives the company the flexibility to manufacture products that its customers want and need. 

Pioneer Pump products use an innovative impeller design, which moves more pumpage, more efficiently, size-for-size. The stainless steel air separation valve allows for quick priming with no product carryover and are designed for easy maintenance.

Pioneer Pump aims to stay ahead of the pack by constantly pursuing new ways to improve pump hydraulics, efficiency, reliability and performance. 

Maintaining quality and meeting standards

With manufacturing, assembly, testing and painting capabilities in its Australian factory, Pioneer Pump provides high-quality products that meet Australian Standards for safety and manufacturing.

The factory features four dedicated fabrication bays with a further two part utilisation fabrication bays, as well as experienced and qualified boilermaker welders on site. With an assembly area that takes up a large portion of the factory, every package is built from the ground up, from electric drive packages to diesel pumpsets, skids, trailers, tanks and manifolding.

Pioneer Pump is committed to ensuring that every unit it produces operates and performs to expectations and is the highest quality available. All diesel pumpsets are tested in its 50,000 litre test rig prior to dispatch to all customers. 

Exceptional customer service

Pioneer Pump aims for all customers to have a positive experience, from start to finish. Its customer service staff are courteous and friendly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable interaction for the customer.

The Pioneer Pump Australia operation is also highly committed to servicing its customers in the region, so it carries over 200 pump ends in stock for approximately 60 different models and pumps are ready for quick build ups or dispatch as wet ends.

If you value quality products, leading market experience and innovation, exceptional customer service and a tailored, efficient experience, Pioneer Pump is on hand to assist with all your pump needs. 

This partner content was brought to you by Pioneer Pump, for more information, visit pioneerpump.com/se-asia-pacific.

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