High heat generation, low lubricity, intermittent dry running conditions and abrasion are severe service conditions that may adversely affect reliability, operational costs and the life of a mechanical seal. Overcoming these rigorous challenges helps reduce costs, water waste and equipment downtime.

Adding face treatments to your mechanical seals improves seal face lubrication, helping to combat these problems and improve rotating equipment performance. John Crane offers a suite of face treatments engineered to handle the numerous sets of circumstances found throughout process industries.

One such face treatment is John Crane Diamond®, which uses UNCD® technology – a pure diamond material grown onto the mechanical seal face through a chemical vapour deposition process to stand up to challenging applications.

It is useful in applications that include inadequate lubricating fluids, intermittent dry running and abrasive slurries. Its low coefficient of friction reduces heat generation, cooling water requirements and energy consumption.

Another significant characteristic is its versatility. John Crane Diamond face treatments are found in almost every industry including, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and mining. The technology has proven effective across more than 40,000 components, supporting production capabilities for John Crane customers.

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