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With Perkins recognised as one of the world’s leading diesel engine manufacturers, AllightSykes is proud to be the authorised distributor of its engines in Australia.

AllightSykes offer both mechanical and fully electronic Perkins engines, with build specification that can be tailored to customers’ needs and applications. This versatility brings engines to the Australian market that are flexible, high performing, fuel efficient and durable, ideal for the harshest of environments.

Perkins engines are also used across AllightSykes range of dewatering pumps, which provide efficient water management solutions to a variety of industries, including mining and construction.

Perkins most recent innovation, the Perkins® My Engine App, has just made monitoring service and maintenance history a whole lot easier.

From the convenience of a mobile phone or tablet device, operators are now capable of checking their Perkins engine’s service and operating manuals*.

AllightSykes product line manager for engines, David Whincup, describes the app as a “the next level in digital accessibility” for the Australian pump engine market.

“The Perkins My Engine App is an extremely useful tool to have. By simply entering the engine’s serial number into the app, operators are granted access to all the service manuals for that engine, as well as a parts books” Whincup expressed.

“It is easy for operators to keep track of what needs replacing at the next service and send the information straight to their local dealer. The whole process is now very seamless.”

What is the flow on benefit of this? Saved costs from unplanned maintenance downtime, which can quickly accumulate into significant losses, according to Whincup.

“Not only do Perkins engines help mining operators save in the space of less unscheduled maintenance, but also with the cost of the engines themselves”, Whincup explained.

“To reduce engine operational costs across the lifetime of the machine, Perkins offer lower installation costs and fuel consumption.”

With a design specific for the needs of off-highway machines and a global product support network to minimise downtime, Perkins engines are the ideal solution for pumping applications. 

“Perkins has a service life commitment of 8-12 years, following the last engine leaving the production line, depending on application. In addition to this, Perkins will continue to offer parts for older engines if it is commercially viable,” explained Whincup. 

“In the unlikely event that you do experience a problem, your local dealer or distributor will be able to assist, providing all necessary information. The Perkins helpdesk is also available as a resource, in which you can liaise directly with Perkins should the need arise,” Whincup concluded. 

This Sponsored Content is brought to you by AllightSykes. For more information on the Perkins My Engine App, visit 

* Available on UN ECE R96 Stage IIIA and below. Must subscribe to marketing permissions.

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