Carnegie Wave Energy has awarded the contract for manufacture and construction of the Carnegie Wave Energy Desalination Pilot Plant to Perth based manufacturer MAK Industrial Water Solutions.

MAK Industrial Water Solutions specializes in reverse osmosis desalination solutions in Australia. The company has a particular focus on containerized seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Carnegie Wave Energy Project Manager, Edoardo Sommacal said, “We are very pleased to have reached this important milestone of design completion and to now move into desalination project manufacture and construction which is scheduled to be complete in the first half of 2014.”

The contract for construction of the Onshore Plant building and civil works will be awarded separately.

Carnegie’s Desalination Pilot Plant will be integrated into the Perth Wave Energy Project on Garden Island, supplying up to a third of the water needs for HMAS Stirling, Australia’s largest naval base.

The pilot plant will use the CETO wave energy hydraulic system. CETO uses fully submerged buoys attached to pump units anchored to the ocean floor. Using the natural movement of the water, pumps are driven by the force of the waves.

Water is pressurized by the pumps and is transferred onshore via a submerged pipe. Onshore, hydroelectric turbines are powered by the high-pressurized water, generating zero-emission electricity. The high-pressure water is also suitable for use to supply a reverse osmosis desalination plant, replacing traditional greenhouse gas-emitting electrically-driven pumps.

The construction of the desalination plant heralds the next stage of development for the Perth Wave Energy Project.

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