In celebration of PIA’s 50th year we asked some industry representatives about their experience within the association. 

Stevco on their involvement with PIA:

“We’ve been a member of PIA for the past six years. We joined in order to be a part of the latest developments in the industry, and for the networking opportunities. Since being members we’ve certainly enjoyed good opportunities regarding new customers and tenders.

“PIA has had an important impact on the industry, particularly by changing some of the specifications of pumping sectors.

“A highlight of our time as PIA members was our trip to Batescrew Pumps, as well as the insight given by Link Pumps on some of the work done in previous years.

“We look forward to continuing our association with PIA as time goes on.”

Rainer Wiemann, Stevco Seals and Pumps

Kelair share their thoughts on their relationship with PIA:

“We’ve been a member of PIA for four years now. We were an APMA member in the 1980s also, but our membership lapsed as we felt the association as it was then was too Melbourne-centric. We heard in recent years that the Association had expanded its vision, so we recently re-joined. Since then we’ve really enjoyed the opportunities our membership has afforded, from networking to involvement in seminars to the input we’ve been able to have in the development of standards.

“Over the years we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to supply some technical papers on positive displacement pumps to Bruce Ellis when the Technical Handbooks were being developed. We’ve also hosted PIA meetings that have taken place in Sydney; and we also contribute regularly to Pump Industry magazine through the Pump School article series.”

Tony Sgro, General Manger, Kelair Pumps

Morse Air Systems reflect on their involvement with PIA:

“Our involvement with PIA dates back to 2009, when we first joined the Association.

“Precision Balancing has provided industrial balancing services to the pump industry for over 25 years. We recognise the importance of being part of a proactive, non-political group, which is dedicated to ensuring that certain standards are adhered to. We remain committed to an organisation that is focused on education and the development of local engineering, design and manufacturing expertise that directly benefits the domestic market and the end user. We are strongly aligned with PIA values and principles.

“From our perspective, we understand that the PIA has championed many of the causes relevant to the Australian market and has highlighted several areas where we can improve and make our industry a showcase for the world.

“Our group of companies have directly benefited from being exposed to like-minded Australian businesses. The networking and educational seminars have been a highlight. The PIA has provided a great source of technical knowledge and problem solving capabilities which put it amongst the best in the world. This is a direct result of the many long-serving members which continue to contribute to the organisation.

“We really enjoy the impact current President, Ron Astall, is having on the Association. Ron’s direct addresses in his President’s Welcome in each edition of Pump Industry makes for a very refreshing change. His commitment, and more importantly, passion for the industry is evident in what he puts to paper. Ron embraces debate and actively seeks out comment. Ron consistently, and quite rightly, puts the onus back on to us in the industry to get involved, get engaged and to partner with the PIA in developing a strong local industry.

“As a business we continue to invest in technical training, equipment upgrades and quality procedures which ensure that we uphold many of the values and goals of the PIA. We are passionate about maintaining a high end engineering service business which contributes to the broader domestic industrial landscape.

Christopher Morse, General Manager, Morse Air Systems

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