Four dedicated professionals, together with a combined 65 years of pumping experience, founded Pioneer Pump Inc USA in 1998 to design and manufacture the most reliable and efficient pumps. They also developed a worldwide packaging and distribution infrastructure and network.

Located in Victoria, Pioneer Pump’s Australian facility is the central hub for supply into Southeast Asia and the pacific region. A 2,000m2 factory/warehouse provides an overall facility which houses a large inventory of pumps and spare parts carrying close to the full product range.

Our Australian team is comprised of lively and innovative individuals with strong prowess who are dedicated to fulfilling the vision we share. With over 140 years of experience in our selected fields there is no room for error or mistake when it comes to serving our customers.

The representative sales team for Pioneer Pump, led by Australian founder Steve Bosnar, have the communication skills and, along with their knowledge of our products, they have the capability to answer all questions and queries.

Our Australian site is home to engineers that have been expertly trained to meet deadlines, restrictions and changes due to individual customer needs throughout the assembly line to ensure the product is quintessential and delivered on time.

Over the past 18 years, we have built up a portfolio of world class pumps that tend to various industries across the globe and a global company that exceeds all expectations.

This partner content is brought to you by Pioneer Pump. For more information, please call (03) 9988 1650 or visit

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