Pioneer Pump, manufacturers and designers of centrifugal pumps with exceptional efficiency and uncompromising reliability, is pleased to announce the opening of a new facility in Victoria, Australia.

Pioneer Pump will manufacture, sell and service diesel and electric driven pump packages at the new 2000 square meter facility on Sunshine West in Victoria. “We recognize that mining industry experts in Australia have significant influence over the dewatering and pumping needs of mines worldwide,” said Paul Schlumpberger, Pioneer Pump Vice President.

“Adding service and support in Australia positions us to address one of our key market segments where many of the decisions are made.” Pioneer Pump reports strong growth into the Southeast Asian mining market over the last two years. Adding the operation in Australia is a step forward in support of our global expansion strategy.

Brown Brothers Engineers, one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading pump suppliers, will continue as a distributor for Pioneer Pump in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim and as a dealer in Australia. Over the last ten years, Brown Brothers has delivered first class results in establishing brand recognition and introducing Pioneer Pump in the region. Their technical expertise, and industry experience has resulted in quality pumping systems across New Zealand and Australia.

Steve Bosnar will lead the new operation as Managing Director. Vic Tannen has been named Operations Manager. Both Mr. Bosnar and Mr. Tannen have extensive experience in the pump industry.

Pioneer Pump Australia will serve all of our markets with an initial emphasis on mining and dewatering. Pioneer Pump Holdings, Inc., a Franklin Electric Company, was founded in 1998 and rapidly established itself in a highly competitive market. Pioneer Pump is an international manufacturer of high performance, self-priming and end suction, centrifugal pumps used in many diverse industries such as agriculture, food production, oil and gas, mining, and paper manufacturing. More information at

Brown Brothers Engineers Australia Pty Ltd is a Mace Group Company with headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Mace Group of Companies is a highly successful family owned business founded in 1952, which has diverse interests in defence, marine, hydro power, energy, waste, pumps and manufacturing. Brown Brothers Engineers NZ, one of New Zealand’s oldest and most respected pump companies was founded in 1908.

Brown Brothers Engineers Australia was established in Sydney in 1994, Melbourne in 1996 and Brisbane in 2007. Brown Brothers Engineers has grown and thrived for over a century of pumping to become a distributor for many of world’s leading pump manufacturers and brands. The Company today continuously evolves in response to the ever changing needs of a varied and expanding market. For more information visit

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