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TasWater and Tasmanian Irrigation have joined together to prepare for the summer season, with below average winter rainfall across south-eastern Tasmania expected to put a strain on the area’s water systems.

To stabilise supply, Tasmanian Irrigation has requested farmers reduce demand from TasWater’s Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant (WTP), which supplies water to the irrigation network.

TasWater CEO, Michael Brewster, said the Bryn Estyn’s WTP is facing reduced capacity due to the need for enhanced water treatment to mitigate taste and odour issues, and the removal of pathogens for drinking water customers.

“TasWater is supportive of Tasmanian Irrigation and our farmers and is working collaboratively with all parties to find alternative sources of water, including recycled water, which is used to capacity throughout the Coal River Valley,” Mr Brewster said.

“TasWater will continue to work to meet our commitment to irrigators without compromising the supply of drinking water to our Hobart customers.”

Through its water conservation messages, TasWater in conjunction with the State Government is promoting the efficient use of water and reminds all Tasmanian’s, one of the best ways to increase the amount of water available is to be careful and not waste it.

TasWater is in the process of upgrading the Bryn Estyn WTP to increase capacity which should come online early in 2023.

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