SA Water will install new odour control equipment at the Port Adelaide Wastewater Pump Station in West Lakes.

The odour management system will provide a long-term, permanent solution to minimise odours from the natural by-products of sewage that have emanated from the pump station.

A tender for the new system will soon be issued, with the replacement work planned to take place between December 2017 and July 2018.

The pump station’s existing carbon filters will be maintained to manage odours from the plant until the permanent solution is delivered.

Minister for Water and River Murray, Ian Hunter, said, “A completely new odour management system will be designed for the Port Adelaide Wastewater Pump Station so it can continue to play an important role in the local area.

“The wastewater facilities that have characterised this site for over 80 years have been adapted to support the area’s transition from industrial to residential, and this modernisation will continue.

“Water wise measures and the uptake of more environmentally friendly household products have combined to alter the composition and concentration of today’s sewage, challenging the original odour management system.”

The Port Adelaide Wastewater Pump Station serves around 30,000 homes and businesses in Adelaide’s western suburbs and receives an average of 22.5 million litres of sewage every day.

It was built in 2004 to replace the former Port Adelaide Wastewater Treatment Plant that had operated at the Frederick Road site for around 80 years.

The facility completes basic sewage treatment by removing solids before pumping it to Bolivar for further processing.

SA Water has been in regular contact with local residents, updating them on both the short-term and long-term solutions for managing odours from the pump station, and will continue to keep them informed about the project’s progress.

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