One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is enhancing energy efficiency
– but there are a number of simple solutions that can make the task much

One such solution is Shakti’s new range of state-of-the-art solar pumps. The pumps are based on fabricated technology and are used to supply water efficiently and effectively.

Why solar pumps?

Solar pumps are energy efficient and offer many benefits to users. Some of these include:

  • They can provide more discharge than ordinary pumps
  • They can be used in rural areas, as they do not require electricity or other fuels like diesel to run smoothly
  • They can provide relief from interrupting electric supply or load sharing
  • In avoiding electricity usage, users avoid rate hikes and supply issues, and save on their electricity bill
  • They reduce carbon emissions
  • Electric pumps can be damaged due to fluctuations in electricity voltage – solar pumps avoid this problem entirely
  • Solar pumps do not require a high torque

Solar panels generate the energy used to drive a solar pump. Improvements in solar panel technology mean that they are more efficient than ever. In particular, improvements in the tempered glass used in each panel improve their capability, enhancing durability and ensuring optimum function at all times.

Every customer is after a quality product which performs as promised. The latest solar pumps can work from dusk until dawn, and now, thanks to battery technology, they can even work when sunlight is not available.

Solar pumps are well equipped to handle the needs of customers with large water requirements – hence they are particularly useful for customers looking to irrigate large areas of land.

For Shakti, the needs of the customer are always the first priority. Solar-powered pumps are affordably priced, and they come with the added benefits of helping to reduce electricity bills for users – making them a win-win option for many.

With more than 50,000 pump sets installed worldwide, Shakti Solar Pumps is pleased to be able to offer customers a proven, energy efficient solution for their water pumping needs.

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