NOV Mono’s innovative pressure sewer system, InviziQ™, has been awarded certification by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). This makes Mono the first PSS manufacturer in Australia to receive this recognition. The WSAA certification is awarded for various criteria, including meeting WSAA standards, technical compliances, manufacturing quality and performance.

The InviziQ™ system is gaining popularity as a replacement for conventional gravity-fed domestic sewer networks, as it offers the freedom to build in new areas without the need to worry about sewering restrictions, slope requirements, environmental concerns or difficult terrain. InviziQ™ doesn’t rely on gravity and provides a far more reliable and controllable transfer of sewage from the household to the treatment plant than conventional alternatives. As a sealed system it also eliminates many of the traditional environmental issues such as leakage (which contaminates ground water supplies) and unpleasant odours from raw sewage.

Michael DeVisser, Mono Quality Manager, says the WSAA certification will benefit Mono because many customers look for this certification in tender opportunities. The InviziQ™ system is the result of a number of years of continuous research and product development, and the reliable and highly effective performance  it delivers makes it the perfect choice for developments in areas where sewering might previously have been a problem,” he comments. “This new and independent recognition means that both system operators and end-users can be completely confident that InviziQ™ will satisfy their needs.”

Mono’s standard InviziQ™ system offers many impressive features. The current standard system has a storage tank with an approximate 900-litre capacity, a Progressing Cavity (PC) pump incorporating a macerator which grinds the sewage to a workable slurry, and an automatic electronic controller which regulates the flow, monitors fluid levels and protects the pump.

The InviziQ™ system also has a revolutionary Dry Well feature, which keeps the pump motor, fluid level sensor and electrical systems separate from the fluid being pumped. This system is absolutely unique, as it uses a vertically-mounted pump cassette inserted into the tank through a hole in the Dry Well, and ensures that the pump is suspended without the requirements for a foot which can cause ragging. From an operational Health and Safety perspective, this also makes accessing the system for servicing a far easier and safer process which involves no contact with the sewage.

Thanks to its advanced telemetry capabilities, InviziQ™ offers significant environmental management benefits by allowing highly effective control and monitoring of sewage networks. This allows the Water Authorities to manage sewage inflows into the treatment plants effectively.

About WSAA

WSAA is the official body which represents the Australian urban water industry, and draws its members from organisations which provide water and wastewater services to the country. WSAA promotes knowledge-sharing and cooperation within the industry and works to highlight emerging issues and develop industry-wide responses to them.

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