The effective separation of oil and water is a vital part of any oil and gas production facility. The preservation of oil droplet size and prevention of emulsion formation is crucial to the effective treatment of oily water.

Feeding of oily water separation equipment, either gravimetric or dynamic, is optimised by low shear pumping equipment. The slow running speeds and gentle action of progressive cavity pumps eliminates problems caused by emulsion formation.

Feeding the oil/water mixtures to the separator using a high quality progressive cavity pump, from a reputable global manufacturer, is a ‘state of the art’ solution for maximising the overall efficiency of the system. No demulsifying chemicals need to be added, so operating costs are substantially reduced. Specifying even wall stator technology reduces internal slippage and shear, while also offering a compact design where space is at a premium.

Flow rates can be regulated via simple speed control which eliminates the need for control valves and spillback lines (as used with centrifugal pumps). The removal of these valves further reduces points of shear in the process system. Semi-submersible, vertically mounted progressive cavity pumps provide a flexible solution in restricted space and when fitted in a can, this configuration will optimise the NPSH available and the process conditions.

Flare drum pump. Conveying capacity: 11.28㎥/hr (50 USGPM) Pressure: 18 bar (261psi) API 682 Plan 53B system

Benefits include:

  • Compact design, with even wall stator, saves space
  • Flexible installation and use of semi-submersible in-can design, provides compact footprint
  • Minimal shear on oil droplets prevents emulsion formation
  • Variable flow rate is controlled via simple speed adjustment to optimise efficiency of separation systems
  • Pumps can operate with low NPSHr 0.3m (0.98ft) eliminating the need for a separate booster pump
  • Eliminates the need for adding chemicals, providing substantial cost savings.

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Produced water recycle pump. Conveying capacity: 18.2㎥/hr (80 USGPM) Pressure: 14.9 bar (216 psi) Material EN 1.4501 API 682 plan 53B seal system


Slop oil pump. Conveying capacity: 25.6㎥/hr (113 USGPM) Pressure: 13.4 bar (194 psi) API 682 Cat 2 seal 53B system











Flow chart based on produced water treatment

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