Galilee Energy’s pump enhancement project at its Glenaras multi-well pilot program in the Galilee Basin ATP 2019 is progressing with the decision being made to replace a downhole pump as well as the original works.

This Pump Enhancement Programme (PEP) includes workovers in all six of the vertical wells (see Figure 1) to optimise the production performance in these outer wells and accelerate the process of achieving commercial gas production. 

The decision has also been made to take advantage of the rig being mobilised to site, and conduct a workover on Glenaras 10L to replace the downhole pump in this well.

Excellent progress has been made on all aspects of the PEP with progress tracking to schedule. 

The first facet of the program was the upgrade to the power generation system. All work on upgrading the power distribution board to accommodate the new larger horsepower pumps has been successfully completed. 

Upgraded cabling to the vertical wells has also been significantly progressed.

Workover activity has been completed safely and within budget on the first three wells of the six well program: Glenaras 19, 20 and 21. Encouragingly, no sediment or fill was encountered and as a result there is no need for further clean-out activities which augurs well for longer term pump reliability.

Glenaras Gas Pilot

The new larger capacity pumps at each of the above three wells have been commissioned and brought back online. 

Water production at these three wells is still being progressively ramped up and total pilot water production is already back to previously reported rates. 

The PEP is targeting an increase of over 30 per cent in total pilot water production to ~18,000 BWPD which is expected to have a marked impact on the pilot.

Progress on site has not been materially impacted from recent wet weather events in the Longreach region as all equipment had been previously mobilised to site.

Rig related works will extend through to mid-May with several wells required to be shut in during this period. However each of the wells will be progressively re-commissioned throughout the campaign.

Further operational updates will be provided to the market as progress is made on the PEP and as wells are brought back online.

Additional pivot irrigation system

Excellent progress has been made on the second pivot irrigation system, with forecast completion by the end of April. This second irrigation system provides sufficient capacity to enable the handling of additional water volumes resulting from the PEP.

Galilee is continuing to assess different crop types and yields to optimise longer term development plans.

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