Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia is a leader in providing water transfer solutions to a wide range of applications such as mining, agriculture, military, ship to shore, oil and gas, and many more. At the heart of these solutions is the Angus layflat hose, produced for over 220 years and in use in the harshest and most challenging environments in over 100 countries worldwide.

Premium quality assured

Every metre of an Angus Flexible Pipelines layflat hose is tested before it leaves our factory; giving you 100 per cent assurance of its performance.


Long, continuous lengths can be quickly deployed whilst high flexibility and kink resistance allows natural ground contours to be followed without putting stress on the pipeline, eliminating expensive path-cutting work. Fewer joints and faster connections mean reduced labour and equipment costs.

Lifetime value

Capable of operating continuously at high pumping pressures with minimal maintenance in even the harshest environments. Our layflat hoses are resistant to abrasion, heat, fuels, chemical, ultraviolet, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis and microbiological attack.


Wellmaster is the highest performing flexible riser main globally, designed for deeper depths – reaching 320m, as deep as the tallest buildings in Australia. Wellmaster is designed for use with electric submersible pumps for all types of groundwater borehole extraction, well monitoring operations and mine dewatering.

It has been tested to operate at higher pressures than rigid pipe, with a maximum loading of 12 tonnes. As every borehole is different, our dedicated WellCalc software will verify your Wellmaster set up based on your individual operating conditions.

Super Aquaduct

Super Aquaduct, is a flexible layflat pipeline for all emergency and temporary drinking water delivery operations. It is available in long continuous lengths (up to 200m and in diameters from 38 to 300mm) meaning it can be brought into service quickly and effectively.

  • Temporary and emergency drinking water operations such as rigid pipe breakages caused by extreme weather and droughts
  • The transfer of water following natural disasters such as floods or tsunamis
  • Mobile air conditioning units and chiller modules require flexible hose solutions to connect the remotely located chillers to the facility. The robustness and temperature tolerance of the polymer combined with the high burst pressure of the jacket makes Super Aquaduct ideal for such mobile, rapid deployment applications


Flowmaster is a high-performance flexible layflat hose, designed to perform in the harshest environments. It is the premium irrigation hose for both travelling irrigators and linear irrigation systems, designed to fit a wide range of coupling types and manufactured to meet ASAE 394.

Flowmaster is steamed to size, minimising snaking and ensuring the hose coils back easily after use. With a maximum swell of only six per cent at normal operating pressure level of 7 bar, unacceptable hose contraction and excessive weight is severely reduced or eliminated.

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