The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has launched Utility Resources, a series of tools and educational materials to incentivise pump system energy savings worldwide.

The resources are designed to drive the development and implementation of incentive programs that advance pump system energy savings. 

It is hoped such programs will also help utilities meet regulatory goals and provide other value-adds to customers. 

HI is a global authority on pumps and pumping systems, providing resources for the industry with a focus on addressing pump systems; developing standards; expanding knowledge and resources; educating the marketplace; and advocating for the industry.

HI’s Utility Resources build upon the association’s Energy Rating (ER) Program, which underpins incentive programs by streamlining the way pump manufacturers and distributors communicate energy efficiency.

HI launched its ER Program database of rated pumps in 2018, enabling users to compare the possible energy and cost savings of potential upgrades to their pump systems from a database of pumps and accessories. 

The higher the energy rating of a product, the more efficient the pump.

Michael Michaud, HI Executive Director, said that the institute was very excited to roll out the resources – especially at a time when the industry needs tools to be easily and digitally accessible.

“Each of these resources plays an important role in the design and management of a rebate or incentive program that not only reduces energy consumption but also stands to strengthen relationships between utilities and customers,” Mr Michaud said.

The toolbox includes resources in the following areas:

Program design

  • The Utility Program Design Memorandum provides technical background on pump efficiency programs and summarises program strategies to consider when initiating new rebate programs
  • The FAQ & Lessons Learned summary outlines best practices and key learnings from past programs to help utilities promote the most efficient solutions, work with pump market actors, and develop effective marketing materials
  • The Efficient Pump Utility Program Database identifies existing utility programs that promote efficient pump systems and circulators so utilities and other users can gain inspiration from successful and efficient models

Program management

  • The Pump Systems Matter (PSM) Training Memorandum details how the trainings provided by HI’s Pump Systems Matter (PSM) and Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) course and certifications can equip utilities professionals to better understand system nuances
  • The Deemed Measure List and Technical Resource Manual (TRM) Workbook are housed in a single customisable Excel file tool providing one-stop-shops for pump energy savings calculations, measure identifiers, and all the necessary technical data

Program promotion

  • Pump System User Profiles help utilities professionals understand the motivations and challenges of pump system users to help them better target programs, marketing and rebates to customers
  • Key Messages utilities can use to articulate the value of energy savings and pump efficiency to various stakeholders
  • Communications Tools, including flyers, promotional slides and other materials that can boost education and awareness of programs

All of these tools are downloadable for free. Availability is not limited to utilities. 

Industrial and commercial companies that aim to create internal energy-saving incentive programs can also use these tools to design and implement programs that advance their sustainability goals and reduce associated costs to boost the bottom line. 

Interested parties can schedule a walk-through of the resources by emailing Matthew Derner, Manager of Business Development, Pump Systems Programs, Hydraulic Institute.

HI also manages a full ecosystem of energy-efficiency initiatives, including training, certification programs, and standards. More information on these programs can be found here.

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