Pumps, pipeline and fittings can get seriously damaged if pressure or flow are out of control and such occurrences are not tracked early. The Pump Genius is a customisable feature of WEG drives that enables your standard VSD to become dedicated for pumping systems. It ensures accurate pressure/flow control throughout the processing cycle, starting with raw water and its usage, ending on wastewater treatment.

With an easy-to-use programming wizard, Pump Genius helps you to minimise downtime and maximise energy savings. Everything you need is selecting one of the three options that best fits to your application. WEG has launched Pump Genius process control software which enables engineers to optimise their pumping systems, so they run more efficiently.

The software is designed to reduce pumping system operation and maintenance costs while increasing process accuracy and protection. The software works with WEG’s popular CFW11 drive to control system processes easily, providing multiple pump control and protection, as well as system monitoring. Pump Genius can be applied to any system that requires constant flow or pressure and can manage and monitor up to six pumps in a coordinated system.


The simplex software adds ideal features to the VSD for single pump control:

  • Pipe charging mode
  • Sleep and wake-up modes
  • Dry pump protection
  • Broken pipe or leakage detection
  • Pump Cavitation Monitoring


multipump is the best choice when a pumping system needs to be integrated with a cost-effective solution. It enables one single VSD to control up to five pumps via DOL, soft-starter or other starting methods.


multiplex software is the most complete solution to accurately control flow and pressure with high reliability. The VSDs control, monitor and manage the entire system on their own. There is no need for additional PLC, HMI or any external devices thus installation costs can be optimised.

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