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Pump Genius is a customisable feature of WEG drives that enables your standard CFW500 to become dedicated for pumping systems.

It ensures accurate pressure/flow control throughout the processing cycle, starting with raw water and its usage, through to wastewater treatment.

With an easy-to-use programming wizard, Pump Genius helps you to minimise downtime and maximise energy savings. All you need to do is select the option that best fits your application:


Pump Genius Simplex software adds ideal features to the VSD for a single source of pump control.


Pump Genius Multipump allows two or more pumps to be driven with only one inverter.


Pump Genius Multiplex permits the VSDs to control, monitor and manage the entire system on their own, eliminating the need of external PLC.

Energy savings

The use of the CFW500 with the Pump Genius Multipump improves performance and provides electrical energy savings.

Using this solution together with WEG W22 Premium motors, and reducing the pump speed even if slightly, it is possible to reduce electrical energy consumption by approximately 15 per cent, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the planet.

Broken pipe alarm

Pump Genius detects when the pump is consuming more electrical energy than it should, by means of information on the pump load and speed, automatically generating an alarm warning of leaky pipes. In addition, with the monitoring of the system pressure, a clogging condition may be detected by configuring the maximum pressure to trigger the alarm of clogged pipe.

Sleep and wake up function

The sleep function keeps the pump in the standby mode when the demand or flow is below the minimum, avoiding it running at low speed for long periods, providing electrical energy savings and increasing the lifetime of the pump. The wake up function restarts the drive automatically when the pressure falls below the set point.

Pipe charging function

It allows lubrication and smooth initial charging of the pipes, making the pump operate at a lower preset speed for a certain time and avoiding waterhammer, which may damage the piping system.

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