A four-day seminar by Pump Guy and Pump Industry magazine contributor, Larry Bachus, will be held by the US Experts Academy in Houston, Texas.

The course will run from August 11-14, 2014 and is designed to provide process plant engineers, managers, technicians, operators, and others involved with pumping systems, with technical knowledge on industrial pump design, operation, and maintenance. Upon completion of this training event, attendees will be armed with the necessary information to improve plant production via reliable pump and process piping system design strategy.

Attendees will also receive a copy of Larry’s wildly popular textbook, Everything You Need to Know About Pumps.

Larry Bachus (aka. Pump Guy) says:

“Reliability and asset performance professionals soon learn that mysterious pump failures define the MTBF statics on rotating equipment.  The fans, gear boxes and compressors don’t drag down the reliability statistics!”

“The current API Standard 610 states: “Equipment (pumps) including auxiliaries (bearings, seals, couplings) shall be designed and constructed for a minimum of 20-years of service and at least 3-years of uninterrupted operation.” A standard automobile has 6 or 7 reliable pumps on it.  If your car’s radiator water pump and fuel pump can run for 20 or 25-years without leaking or bearing failure, then what’s the problem with the seals and bearings on petroleum process pumps?”

“After many years chasing runaway vibrations and premature seal failures as a maintenance practitioner, I learned to understand my pumps and pipe systems.  Now, I teach what I know.”

“I conduct this training around the world to global petroleum companies that call me the ‘Contract Mentor’ to their process, reliability and maintenance people.  They know I represent the interests of the pump users.”

“Come to the August seminar.  You’ll return to work prepared to end mysterious pump failures.”

Registration info and course content are available here.

Alternatively, contact Sudha Goyal at US Experts Academy in Houston to register:  Ph. 713-446-0991.

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